Managed MX Records

  • * This form ONLY needs to be submitted if you have a PSMU blog. If you have a different hosting company other than PSMU, please contact your current host and they may be able to help you.
  • ** Before submitting this form, make sure if you use 2-Factor Authentication at your register that you first disable it or we can't get in. 2FA is a second passcode they send you to your phone typically so in case someone steals your password, they can't get in.

  • Enter the domain name.
  • Enter the login URL to your domain registrar (the place you got your domain, like GoDaddy). This is important, as each registrar has their own login area. For a shortlist of common domain registrar login URLs, go here.
  • Enter your username at your domain registrar.
  • Enter your password at your domain registrar.